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Bring the right people and information together in channels. Share ideas, make decisions and move work forward with a common purpose and place.

What is a channel?
Organise your work

Channels bring order and clarity to work – you can create them for every project, topic or team. When there’s a channel for everything, you can focus on the conversations and work that matters most to you.

Create alignment

Channels provide you and your team with a shared view into the work being done. With access to the same information, everyone in the channel can work in tandem and new members have full context when they join.

Be more productive

As you work in channels, your conversations and files become a searchable archive that gets more useful with time. Find answers, get context and make better decisions without having to chase down people or information.

Work together, no matter how you work

Channels are flexible spaces for all the people, tools and files you need to get work done.

Public channels

These channels are open for anyone at your company to join or find in search. Increase transparency while allowing everyone to benefit from the context of your conversations.

Private channels

For sensitive or confidential conversations, you can use private channels. Only those who are invited can view the channel or find its contents in search.

Slack Connect

Work with multiple organisations in a channel. Speed up communication with clients, vendors, agencies and more.

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